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Monday, 21 May 2012 12:45

Yarra Valley Caviar with another first.

A premium line of roe from young salmon that have never been milked before is being launched as part of Yarra Valley Caviar’s 2012 harvest. At just three years old, the caviar from this young fresh water Atlantic Salmon is softer and more palatable – making it effectively the ‘veal’ of the salmon family.

The caviar is taken as it comes from the salmon after milking and simply brined on site at the farm, at the base of the Rubicon River, using Murray River pink salt flakes and organic sugar, and packaged in 40-gram traditional tins. Available in limited supply from June, given the quantities of salmon available, it is already being requested by restaurants around the country as an entrée.

In addition to its premium line, Yarra Valley Caviar is also producing its award winning quality caviar – with some 50,000 salmon being individually hand-milked over May for this year’s harvest, resulting in about 14 tonne of caviar – two tonne of which will be from the three year old salmon.

The reason the caviar is so highly regarded, General Manager Mark Fox says, is because of the farm’s strict policy of ensuring the fish are treated humanely. Following all of the UK soil association guidelines for organic aquaculture, the farm can ensure it sets the benchmark in not only the way it treats its salmon, but the sustainability of the river and surrounding environment.

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