Black/Sturgeon Caviar


Yarra Valley Caviar are the exclusive importers of Polanco Sturgeon Caviar. Polanco is a truly unique product originating in the sturgeon farm belonging to Estuario del Plata in the waters of Rio Negro, in South America. These high flowing waters originate in the Southern Highlands of Brazil and flow west across the entire width of Uruguay to the Uruguay River.

These fresh waters produce the perfect open environment for Sturgeon with cold winter waters and only mild during the summer months. For over two decades, sturgeons have found the perfect habitat to naturally grow and spawn the only Caviar in the world coming from the Southern Hemisphere.

Yarra Valley Caviar regularly imports Oscietra and Baerii Black Caviar in 1-2 kg mother tins. A maturation process then begins whereby tins are routinely turned to a allow and even distribution of brine within to evenly disperse throughout the caviar and continue the salting process and develop stronger taste characteristics. The caviar is then repacked into smaller tins (10g, 30g, 50g, 100g, 250g) weekly and shipped around Australia with a 9 week shelf life.

Although considered one of the world’s most expensive foods, this is some of the finest caviar handled with professional care at an affordable price.

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