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Pickled Scallops, Japanese pepper & Bloody Shiraz Gin Caviar


  • 6x Local fresh scallops (ideally in the shell with roe) – Frozen will work also just fine
  • Fine chopped chives
  • Togarashi – Found in Japanaese Grocers – It’s a seasoning powder of dried chilli
  • Bloody Shiraz Gin Caviar

For the Pickle

  • 100g sugar
  • 100mls Rice vinegar
  • 100mls cooking Mirnin
  • 50mls Water
  • 10mls Sake (optional)


  1. Warm all ingredients together (except sake) and allow the sugar to dissolve. Allow to cool completely before adding the sake.
  2. Steep the scallops in the pickle mixture for 6-12 hours. – You can leave longer and this will firm the texture of the scallop. This is best done overnight.
  3. Serve the scallops back in the shell, seasoned with togarashi, chives and Olssons sea salt.
  4. Top with Bloody Shiraz Gin Caviar and serve.


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