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Raw Kingfish, ponzu dressing, witlof and Gin Pearls


  • Tin of Bloody Shiraz Gin Caviar
  • 1 yellow witlof – stem removed and leaves washed
  • 100g Hiramasa Kingfish – skin off and diced into ½ cm pieces
  • Ponzu dressing – available from all Asian grocery stores
  • Fine sliced red radish
  • Furikake Mix (Japanese sesame and seaweed seasoninh) – ask for this product in the Asian Grocery store
  • Spring onion finely sliced – put the green tops into iced water once sliced so they curl.
  • Kewpie mayonnaise



Place diced kingfish in a small mixing bowl and dress lightly with ponzu dressing. Allow this to marinate for 5 or 10 minutes in the fridge. Add fine sliced spring onion whites, and fine sliced red radish. Season with sea salt flakes and mix together to incorporate. Finally add 2 tbl spoon of Furikake seasoning to coat everything.
In the bottom of each witlof ‘cup’, add a small amount of kewpie mayonnaise – This will help keep the kingfish in place in the cups. Top with a small spoonful of kingfish mixture. Add the curled spring onion greens and finish with Bloody Shiraz Gin Pearls. Serve chilled as a snack or canape

** Bloody Shiraz Gin Pearls work best for this application – as the citrus and anise flavours of the gin works great with the bitter witlof and sweet citrus in the ponzu dressing.

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