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Seared Tuna, Ponzu, Kewpie and Ikura Shoyu Zuke Pearls


  • 100g Sashimi grade Tuna – rare seared
  • Ikura Shoyu Zuke Pearls
  • Kewpie Mayonnaise
  • Ponzu Dressing



Once tuna has been seared in a pan or on the BBQ, allow to cool in the fridge. This will help when slicing. With a sharp knife, slice into small finger shape pieces, 1cm thick. Season each piece with sea salt flakes

Arrange on the plate, and top each piece of tuna with a small amount of kewpie mayonnaise. Top with Ikura Shoyu Zuke Pearls. Dress liberally with ponzu dressing. Served chilled.

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