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Leanne Tolra

The ingredient

Yarra Valley Salmon has released an “Autumn Harvest” caviar range from its previously unmilked three-year-old salmon for a limited season. The plump, vivid-orange roe undergoes minimal cleaning and pasteurising before being brined in Murray River pink salt flakes and organic honey. YVS is a picturesque freshwater aquaculture farm at the foot of the Victorian Alps and is highly regarded for its natural approach to rearing and milking Atlantic salmon. The fish are gently hand-milked and returned to their earthen ponds, where they recover for a few months before being sold for their lean, healthy flesh. The limited-release caviar, available from early June, will be used by some of Australia’s top chefs, straight from the tin. It’s plump and bright, soft and palatable, with a delicate texture that’s suited to enhancing the finest of meals.

We’re giving away two 40g tins of Yarra Valley Caviar, Autumn Harvest limited-edition range $24.90 each; plus a cold-smoked portion of salmon valued at $50 a kilogram.

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