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Travellers’ Good Buys

With John Crook

Food Wine and travel

As a boy growing up in the regional areas of South Australia, I could have pursued a career on the land. Instead it was the world of radio and television but with a special interest in food, travel and wine.

It is quite amazing in that those fields of endeavour are intertwined.

Occasionally I get to sample all three in the one report – hence the results this week from the beautiful Yarra Valley.

The Valley is one of Victoria’s major food producing area. So when invited to join with a group of fellow foodies, there was no stopping me.

The only problem appeared to be that the product in question was being produced at a secret destination, two hours north of Melbourne.

The Yarra Valley caviar farm is not open to the public, however, the farmed product was the entire reason for this visit.

A convert to be sure

The caviar, along with the farmed salmon, is superb, number one on the menu of major restaurants, including Yering Station.
Melbourne is awash with farmer’s markets and it is at the market-place the Yarra Valley caviar and salmon await. Full of flavour.

Some of the markets include the Collingwood Children’s Farm on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

The Slow Food Farmer’s Market, on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

The Abbotsford convent on the 4th Saturday of the month. Just to mention a few.

For more information on markets Google Yarra Valley.

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