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Hash browns, Taramasalata, Anchovy and Polanco Baerii Siberian Reserve

A little bit fancy, a little bit naughty. A tasty way to make hash browns sexy!


  • 10x Frozen packet hash browns
  • Taramasalata – store bought is fine. Just not the pink stuff!
  • 100g Polanco Baerii Siberian Reserve
  • 10 fillets of Ortiz Anchovy
  • 1 shallot – peeled and finely sliced into rings


  • Cook the hash browns as per the packet instructions ( shallow fry or deep fry for best crispy results)
  • Add a generous amount of taramasalata to each hash brown all the way down the middle. Now place a single fillet of anchovy on each.
  • Separate the rings of shaved shallots and place on top of the anchovy.
  • Now finish with Polanco Siberian Reserve Caviar – as much as you can for added luxury.
  • Serve warm and crispy.
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